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Health Therapies


Choose a Colorado spa package at Hooper Homestead, and you will return from your vacation or romantic weekend getaway feeling truly relaxed and rejuvenated.

When you visit our on-site Blissful Spirit Spa; Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, and aromatherapy are some of the more traditional or familiar treatments from which you may choose. In addition, many of our Spa Services promote self-healing facilitated with energy work. All of our modalities are practiced consciously in an atmosphere of peace and love. Please refer to our Modalities page for detailed descriptions of our Spa Services.
Goddess Day at the Spa!

Let the Goddess in you thrive for a day at the Blissful Spirit Spa in Central City, CO. Both Goddess Packages include delicious light & healthy snacks & beverages plus a special gift to pamper her. Throughout the day, you may take a hike around the area and breathe in the Colorado mountain air, listen to music in Hooper Homestead's parlor, watch the birds feed on the back deck, or take in the scenery from the front porch swing. This delightful ladies' day may be enjoyed individually or as a small group! Call ahead to reserve your special day.

Sunroom Corner


Goddess I

Aromatherapy Wrap, One 30-min. Massage, One 30-min. Spa Treatment (Facial, Spa Foot Treatment, Hand Therapy)


Goddess II

Body Polish or Scrub, Luxurious Wrap, and Two 30-min. Spa Treatments (Facial, Massage, Spa Foot Treatment, Hand Therapy)

  Receive a FREE Moisturizing Hand Therapy with every Blissful Spirit Healing Package reserved during your 2-Night Stay.
Blissful Spirit Healing Packages

Energizing Self - Raindrop Therapy or Aromatherapy Wrap & Massage

  Purification - Detox Facial Care & Body Wrap $160
  Golden Light - Raindrop Therapy & Facial $150
  Body & Soul Rejuvenation - Cranio-Sacral Balance & Raindrop Therapy $175
  Mystic Oneness - Aromatherapy Wrap & Foot Reflexology $145
  Earthly Wonder - 45-min. Hot Stone Massage with Facial
  New Awakenings - Reiki & Aromatherapy Wrap
  Mostly for Men - Men's Spa Back Treatment & Spa Foot Treatment (Ladies too!)
  Joyous Be-ing - Swedish Massage (60 Min) and a Mini-Facial $130
  Blissful Body - Spa Back Treatment & Facial $135
  Rock 'n Relax Head to Toe - Hot Stones Massage (Full Back & Feet) with Reflexology $125

Grounded Awareness - Body Spin & Foot Treatment


A La Carte Spa Special!

Schedule any 2 Spa Treatments & 1 Energy Medicine Treatment and receive a FREE Spa Foot Treatment. (Spa Packages & Combos Services excluded).




Full Body Deep Tissue Massage (60, 75, 90 min)

$100, $120, $150
  Swedish or Shiatsu Massage (60min, 90min) $90, $125

Heated Stone Massage (50, 75 and 90 min)

$95, $125, $150


Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders (30/60 min)

$60, $100

  Energy Medicine  
  Life Alignment (75 min) $110
  Body Spin (50 min) $85
  Chakra Balancing (50 min) $85
  Craniosacral Balance (60 min)
  Crystal Therapy (50 min)
  Raindrop Therapy (65 min) $95
  Reiki (50 min) $85
  Transformation Session (75 min) $125
  Yoga Therapy (90 min) $120
  Detoxification & Juices  
  Far Infrared Sauna (30 min)
$20 (with any treatment)
  Ion Foot Bath (30 min) $45
  Dry Body Brushing  $10 (with massage)
  Immune System Booster
  Inflammation, Insomnia, Colds, Energy, Weight
  Body Cleanser Juice $25
Skin Care

Mini-Facial (30 min)


  Detox System Facial Care (45min)

Herbal, Clay or Mud Facial (50 min)


  Massage/Facial Combination (65 min) $95
  Facial/Foot Reflexology Combination (75min) $100
Spa Treatments



Aromatherapy Wrap (60 min)


  Ayurvedic Nasya
  Full Body Polish or Exfoliant (60 min) $85
  Raindrop Therapy (65 min)

Garshan Ayurvedic Spa Treatment (60 min)

  Men's Spa Back Treatment (65 min) $95

Spa Foot Treatment (40 min)


  Herbal Body Wrap (75 min)


  Foot Reflexology (40 mins) $60

Energizing or Therapeutic Foot Treatment (50 min)


  Moisturizing Hand Therapy (30 min) $50
  Call 303-582-5828 for more information and to make an appointment.
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